CH Kelvin av Holskogen (N)

SC Gagarin Sibaris`RU DVM

IC Atom av Holskogen (N)

ES-Siestadream Gangsta

Former breeding males

Kelvin has moved to Elin Lundberg at NO*Grensedalen

Gagarin was imported from Moscow. He has sired two litters, and was neutered at the age of 4 years.

Gangsta comes from Oviedo in Spain. He lives in Ă…lesund with his host Camilla Berge.

Atom was my firstborn Siberian, and he captured my heart immediately. He is son of Delta and sired by Gagarin. Even if I had no girls for him myselves I kept him in my cattery. After siring two litters he is now neutered and lives with his host Veronika Karlson.